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You made the lists, maybe a spreadsheet and completed your final check for your sanity, when you routine gets interrupted by the buzz of the phone.

A notification from Uber. Your ride is less than a minute away.

Tapping frantically again on your pockets to ensure you have the holy trinity of Wallet, phone, keys.

You check you backpack again, for what must be the 11th time, to ensure your passport is firmly stashed away.

Itinerary, tickets, hotel confirmations all in your folder, that you meticulously printed out days ago.

Confident that you have packed your essentials, you remind yourself that anything you forget, you can pick up when you arrive.

Board bag – check

Roller Duffel – check

Carry-on – check

Awkwardly trying to wrangle bags and selves into the Uber, whilst being hyper aware not to damage the car/van and risk a poor passenger rating.

Almost there.

The feelings on travel days is a mix of excitement, anxiousness and enthusiasm. And a sense of achievement in that you have managed to travel hack a sweet airfare, lounge access and are ready to enjoy the spoils, when you arrive at the airport.

Bags successfully tagged and dropped and security cleared, you head straight to the lounge ready for a refreshment and take stock before the flight.

You pull out the phone and double check the flight number and boarding times as you take your first sip.

Then you hear the crackle of the speaker and the announcement comes through.

Ladies & Gentleman, Singapore Airlines flight SQ218 to Singapore is now boarding at Gate 43

This is it. The first leg of the journey.

The adventure now starts…


Norrehan is born from the love of the mountains and spending time in them.

We love to Ski/Ride, Bike and Hike and actively travel to destinations around the world, to pursue these activities.

Creating products and accessories that are well built, using quality materials is how we roll and we are so glad that you have visited us today.

Enjoy the Ride!

Cheers, Malcolm

Norrehan About Us